Büroreinigung in Frankfurt und Offenbach am Main

Kfz zulassungen in Frankfurt, Offenbach und im gesamten Rhein Main Gebiet



We are pleased that you visit our new Internet operational readiness level. If you did not experience our enterprise yet know and only in the Internet of us, we would be pleased to hear from you to!  As modern enterprise we want to supply you approximately also on-line with all information around our offers. The emphasis of our operational readiness level will refer to our services. This range will be safe from large interest in you, looks you nevertheless simply again once past.

Cleaning at special times

We cleaning you buildings when desired also at special times.

22:00 - 05:00 clock night cleaning
05:00 - 08:00 clock early cleaning
08:00 - 17:00 clock daily cleaning
17:00 - 22:00 clock evening cleaning


KFZ Zulassungsdienst in Frankfurt, Offenbach und im Rhein Main Gebiet

Your enterprise as well as your staff recover over the weekend. We cleaning in the meantime your object and provide for cleanliness and hygenic freshness. Sun also on and holidays. We are at any time for you there. Ask also for our building managements with caretaker and craftsman services.

Among the bases of our success rank: Experiences, reliability and fast shifting of setting of tasks. We offer our serving achievements for consistently favorable and fair prices to you. We sit down own quality standards and our coworkers perform your work thoroughly, fast and discretely. Besides we orient ourselves at the desires and conceptions of our customers.

Our services are always for you there whether for single or long-term contracts. Please you let know us your desires and questions, we advise you gladly and in detail

Here you find to us:

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KFZ Zulassungen, Export und Ausfuhrkennzeichen nun auch an Samstagen (leider nur in Offenbach)
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 Service overview

Services within the commercial and private sector

DISDI Dienstleistungs- Service DiekelmannGebäude & Büroreinigung - PC Reparatur & IT Support
 Handwerkerservice - KFZ Zulassungen

In the Rhein Main area we offer to you services you on the point exactly pay. We provide an offer cut to your object. We have the necessary to know and the experience to supply you with services optimally. Test us….

Building & office cleaning

Büroreinigung in Frankfurt, Offenbach und im Rhein Main Gebiet

We would like that you feel well on your job! We provide for regular cleanliness and hygenic freshness in your office, in practice, as well as in the business and in the Kanzlei. Besides we clean also open-plan offices, small and centralconstant offices, office equipment, stairways, law offices, waiting rooms and medical practices, hotel and room cleaning, supermarkets, toilets, sales and business surfaces, fashion shops, and other real estate properties.

Gebäudereinigung in Frankfurt, Offenbach und im Rhein Main GebietRegular or unique cleaning of its buildings, cleaning before and after the party, before and after the removal. Cleaning after renovations and changes. Spring finery. To our services whether household near or commercial belongs naturally also the cleaning to baking-oven and stove cleaning, curtain laundry inclusive decreases and hangs for each m², floors sucking and (or) wiping, winding and floor tiles cleans, cleaning of ceramic(s) and armatures, partitions, winding and floor tiles in the sanitary areas. Surfaces at the furniture dust-wipe (clean), cabinets, cabinet walls, tables, office equipment, desks, containers, shelves, installations as well as kitchen cabinets from the outside. Cleaning of doors and door cases (frameworks), heating element (heaters), window sills & boards as well as the cleaning of technical devices TV, computer, PC, monitors etc.

More information

PC repair, hard and software installations.

PC ReparaturAll the same whether it concerns its private or Office equipment. Our IT support covers the complete hard and software range. Annoyance with the PC? Does the computer constantly fall? The printer lubricates, and the screen flickers, one of your non removable disks in the server is defective and you needs urgently enterprise data? They work straight on a project, and a part of their PC refuses its service? In the bookkeeping the network does not function, you has problems with the mechanism of your DSL or W-LAN? Then you should set yourselves with us in connection and agree upon fast a date.  We are to you 24* hours at the disposal.

More information

Craftsman, caretaker and technician service.
Craftsman services, renovation assistance, repairs, installations.

Handwerker und Hausmeister ServiceRemoval, and you do not have time for reconditioning?
Link hands with work relating to crafts?
You do repairs become too much?

We carry remedy out , fast and inexpensive . . .

Renovation assistance, housing office and object renovation of all kinds. (if these do not offend against handicraft the order) removing old and loaded floors (carpet, PVC, linoleum, wood etc.) removing old wallpapers, Shift from laminate, carpet, PVC, wood etc. structure of wall panels, panels, groove and feather/spring, wood. Wallpaper glue (walls/covers) and renew the walls. Loops, painting door frames, trims, door leaves, foot and plinth skirting. Electrical installation works, electricity installation starting from counter, as well as smaller repairs of all kinds. Technical building management, maintenance of your objects and real estate properties, energy management and cost registration, project management, procurement and purchase, surfaces and disposition of space, guarantee pursuit, goal planning. Building management with cleaning, caretaker and craftsman services. 

DISDI Car permission Service in the Rhein/Main area.

Kfz Zulassung Frankfurt Offenbach und Rhein Main GebietDo you have already times a vehicle in a large city such as Frankfurt/Main certified? Extremely long waiting periods are the agenda. No time? We settle car permissions in your order for you, on and notices of departure as well as car address change in the Rhein Main area. Besides we settle tariff permissions and vehicle transfers in your order (by axle). Announce, logging out, permissions and insurance for Export. Car permissionservice for new and using vehicles. TÜV Technical examination, cars to the Tüv drive,  exhaust investigation, acceptance, entries of vehicle changes (e.g. tire, setting lower, spoiler etc.) export license number and short time license number with insurance. Vehicle transfers, export license number, short time license number, car readmissions, season license number.  

Wichtige Händlerinformationen
Sie haben ein Fahrzeug an einen Kunden der nicht in Ihrem Zulassungsgebiet wohnt? Wir helfen Ihnen weiter. Wir erledigen in Ihrem/Kunden Auftrag die KFZ Zulassung in einem unserer Zulassungsgebiete. Preise sowie weitere Informationen erhalten Sie telefonisch von unserer Hotline 069 884450 oder per Email Info@Disdi.de

Neu PKW Zulassung nun auch an Samstagen
KFZ Zulassungen, Export und Ausfuhrkennzeichen nun auch an Samstagen (leider nur in Offenbach)

More information

Joerg Diekelmann

Dienstleistungs- Service Diekelmann

Telefon 069 88 44 50
Mobil 0177 88 44 500

Fax /SMS/MMS 0941 5992 15306 (20cent/Min.)

E-Mail: Info@Disdi.de

Internet: http://www.Disdi.de

Ihr Dienstleistungs- Service im Rhein Main Gebiet

*24h emergency service of orders, employments as well as technical support without maintenance and supply contract outside of the normal office hours lie (starting from 18:00 clock) are subject to separate conditions and design fundamentals.
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Büroreinigung Offenbach

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